It is a typical Russian bath. As it is humid heat, it distinguishes itself from the Finnish sauna which uses dry heat. In addition to a deep skin cleanse and a better blood circulation, with the Russian sauna you will get a massage with whips (Venik) made from oak, birch or bay wood in order to fortify and detox your body.

The Russian bania “Babouchka” offers an unforgettable experience in Tours through an immersion in Russia and more specifically in deep Siberia. It offers a unique experience of an endless source of health and well-being and an art of living “à la russe”.

After the spa, hammam and sauna...

The Russian bania : the already unavoidable new trend! 


In Russian, “Babouchka” means “grandmother”. 

An original well-being concept, unique in Tours and its surroundings, with which we hope that every person coming in feels like being at their grandmother's. 

We like to perpetuate ancestral traditions of natural well-being. A real haven of peace in the middle of the modern life tumult! 

The benefits of our treatments have been proven for centuries. They come from Nature's endless resources...

At bania Babouchka, we want the welcome to be warm. Our treatments idea is very simple, the effects are extraordinary and instantaneous. We offer bare essentials for the body's beauty and peace of mind. 

You will not forget this experience. It is open to everyone and brings together pleasure and well-being.  

You had a long day? Finally enjoy one bania session to re-energise and detoxify your body!